Have you tried everything? Bowen will be the best and last thing you try.




Bowen Therapy was created in Australia by, Thomas Ambrose Bowen in the 1950's. Bowen is a natural extremely effective pain management tool. Bowen allows the body to return to its natural balanced and relaxed state. As a result you can enjoy long lasting benefits and pain relief. A Bowen session consists of many non-invasive, cross fibrous moves that pinpoint specific muscle locations throughout the body. The Bowen method allows the muscle fibers to relax as well as the fascia of the muscle to relax thus entering a state of homeostasis throughout the body. This will allow blood to flow freely through your muscles and your body. The muscles will relax and return to proper alignment within the body. In our bodies the muscles move the bones and if even one muscle is out of alignment a ripple effect of pain can occur through the body. Many people have referred to Bowen as a Muscular adjustment putting everything back in its place. 

 Bowen can help with a wide range of conditions from acute to chronic. The benefit of Bowen can be increased mobility, long term immediate pain relief, significant improvement to chronic long term pain, stress relief, immune functions, and overall health and wellbeing. Conditions that respond well include but are not limited to: Asthma, TMJ, Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Neck Pain, Migraines, Leg, Ankle and Foot Pain, Vertigo, PTSD, Ear Aches, Hay Fever, Trauma injuries, Stress, Acute and Chronic pain with Muscular-skeletal or neurological origins, Sports injuries and Bursitis.